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I was born on the 26th of November 1958. I was one of a twin which at the time, my mother, Dorothy, was blissfully unaware of. I was born at twenty past four in the morning which also happened to be twenty minutes after my twin brother, Malcolm. It was at this time I was diagnosed with my condition, Diastrophic Dysplasia. I am actually one of four children.

Up to the age of five I had a number of operations which I still somehow remember. Malcolm and I went to the same primary school, St Johns it was near Mayflower Park in Southampton.

My mother had quite a battle with the authorities at that time as they required me to attend a school for disabled children. Thankfully for me the persistence of my mother paid off. My secondary school was St Georges Catholic School at Swaythling. Malcolm and I both attended this school although we were in different classes.

At the age of only 12 I lost my father, he died at the early age of 35 due to lung cancer. At the time, I was a real 'daddy's boy' and I took this particularly hard.

I thoroughly enjoyed my school days and at that time I was really enjoying life in general, how short-lived that was to be.

Michael and Malcolm sat on a bench

Me and twin brother Malcolm

I finished school at the age 16 but went on to attend St Mary Catholic School 6th form college for one year. Here I successfully won the annual table football tournament but unfortunately that was my only success as I went onto fail my exams.

At the age of 17 I had the opportunity to sit an entrance exam for a career as a 'customs officer'. Thankfully I succeeded and started my employment with 'The Civil Service' (now 'The Home Office') on May 16th 1977, all be it with the condition of a 12 month probationary period to ensure my health and fitness would let me perform the required duties. I have now successfully completed 36 years in this position (2015).

During 1982 my first acting role came along. I thought it was a prank being played on my by a work colleague at first. A colleague had seen an advertisement in the Sun newspaper asking for little people who would be interested in being 'extras' in a film we now know as the blockbuster 'Star Wars - Return of the Jedi'.

Me with my mum Dorothy, my twin Malcolm, my youngest brother Edward and my sister Marianne.

Me with Jim Henson

Like most people at that time I was an avid Star Wars fan so when I received the call (and after confirming it was not a prank) it was straight off to London for me to attend the audition. The rest s history as they say, that was the first film where I played a Ewok which led on to having an agent and then starring in Labyrinth (a Muppet movie), Willow , a film by Ron Howard and my latest film was Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter) where I played Greengot.

These roles have led me to be in demand at various 'Sci-fi' signing events where I am more than happy to sign a selection of photos for my fan base.

For me relationships were going to be hard, I wasn't exactly going to meet a young lady on the dance floor was I? Eventually, I formed some strong relationships at work. Looking back, I had several girlfriends who were 'smaller' ladies, most of which I met through my film activities.

My first wife was approximately 4ft 2, but sadly this marriage only lasted two and a half years, although I had previously courted Deborah for six years. Deborah had spent her younger life at a boarding school, when we got married she spent a lot of time at night clubs and mixing with the girls from work. Unfortunately this life style was not for me and with great sadness we drifted apart.

Whilst only separated, I met Valerie who was 5ft 4 and had two children from a previous marriage. Unfortunately both children had been diagnosed with 'brittle bone syndrome' and naturally small. It was through the children that the relationship started. We had four years together and this was a great time for me. When Valerie ended the relationship I took I found it particularly hard as I had become so attached to the children. For two years after I still saw the children most weekends.

The one thing I learned from relationships is that if one morning your partner wakes and has decided 'that's it' basically that is it and there's very little you can do about it.

After this I just sought to have fun through my relationships for a while and that's exactly what I did.

I am now married to Joyce, she is from the Philippines and we have been married for 15 years. We have a son called Joseph who was born in 2000 and he is now the drive behind me for living.

Early in 2013 I had a stroke, thankfully it was considered a mild stroke and I made a full recovery but it wasn't easy. I always remembered my parents teaching me that in life you have to fight for what you want and what you believe in.

During my life I have been fortunate to visit some great places. I have holidayed in Thailand and Japan. The Japan trip was originally for for a TV programme that both I and my brother Malcolm were invited too. It was for the Guinness Book of Records. It was one of the highlights of my life actually. I had to do a photo shoot with two – shall we say 'large up top' ladies and I had to put between their 'up tops'! It was tough but I managed it......

I've also made several documentary's including 'It's a small world' which have all had good ratings.

And for now I'll finish on a little known fact, I was in the 'Chronicles of Narnia' where I played a Hedgehog! Perhaps I'm looking up after all lol.


Michael and family
Michael and Malcolm sat on a bench
Michael and Malcolm sat on a bench

My son Joseph and my mum Dorothy

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