COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus will sadly effect all my pending 2020 events. Check back for updates.



Eastleigh Comic Con - 15th February

GEEKMANIA, Spalding - 23rd February

IOW MARKET SHOP - 29th February

GEEKMANIA, Cleethorpes - 11th April

Portsmouth Comic Con - 3rd May


The Castle Holland - 23rd and 24th May

Need to confirm attendance


Gosport Comic Con - 7th June

Alton Comic Con - 12th June

Melton Mowbray Comic Con - 4th July

Alton Comic Con - 12th July

Swan Centre Comic Con - 1st August

Totton Comic Con - 27th September

Fan TC Con 2 - 31st October

Totton Comic Con - 31st October

Tatooine Festival Groundling Theatre Portsmouth - 1st November

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